Applied Research
& Development Facility

at Northern Arizona University

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Building Performance:

To showcase our campus image as a high tech environmental center, the Tech Transfer Hub and Modular Research Spaces will be housed in a state of the art, high performance building. The building will showcase sustainable and green building technologies and will also be powered by renewable energy sources - wind, photovoltaics, fuel cells, micro turbines etc.

The building, which will be designed to meet LEED platinum certification will act as a demonstration project for green building techniques including indoor air quality, reduced water usage, reduced energy costs etc. Once completed, this building will provide a working model for other regional academic facillites. campuses. While high performance buildings have higher first costs than conventional buildings, they have substantially reduced long term operating costs

During the Visioning Charrette the following performance goals were established for the Applied Research Center.


  • Most energy efficient building in the Arizona Education System
  • 100% of building electricity provided by renewable sources on a net annual basis
  • Winter heating provided solely by passive solar heating
  • Summer cooling provided by natural ventilation


  • Most water efficient building in the Arizona Education System
  • No Sewer connection, all waste treated on-site
  • 100% of building water supply from rainwater harvesting and gray water
  • Building should have a gray water system and living machine and these should be used as teaching tools.
  • Building may utilize the city wide reclaimed water system.

Waste Flows

  • Zero polluting emissions from laboratories in the building
  • Pervasive recycling and composting practices
  • Toxic cleaning practices eliminated in the building

Air Quality

  • Exceed ASHREA air quality standards
  • Monitor/measure/control air quality


  • Any person that enters the building should be able to understand how the building operates
  • Continuous monitoring and reporting of all building energy and mass flows
  • Indoor Environmental Quality reporting/education

Human Performance Factors

  • The building should strive for 24 hour utilization
  • Optimize / foster human interaction (open spaces, common areas, etc.)
  • Direct connection to outdoors throughout building
  • Day lighting primary source of light (during day) in all major spaces

Operable windows

  • Utilize sunshade/light shelves for daylighting control
  • Maximize local control of building systems

Construction and Design

  • Efficient and timely design and construction
  • Cost of building includes life cycle O & M
  • Integrate energy/environment controls into campus energy management
  • 100 year plus building
  • Lighting controls
  • 80% reduction in construction waste
  • 50% Less O&M than typical building
  • Attractive building
  • Economic performance (Estimate, track, compare, educate)



Applied Research
& Development Facility

at Northern Arizona University